10 Photos That Prove Why Women Prefer Bearded Guys

It’s so amazing what a beard can do for a man. Even guys with the most childish face can suddenly look mature and rugged if he grows a beard and care for it properly. The fact that women like beard guys are no secret and this is mostly because smooth – checked men look like they are still growing up.

The photos below will make you realize just what it is about bearded guys that is attractive for woman.


1. Listen To Your Barber


2. Growing Up

3. No Regrets

4. We’ve Got A Winner
From boy next door to a rugged hottie, this guy’s facial hair has made him a minor celebrity on social media. One fan even said that he’d find him and hit him if he ever decided to shave again.

5. Are They The Same Person?

6. From Adolescence To Adulthood

7. Personal Grooming

Men may judge woman for spending time and money on their appearance but most of them miss out how important personal grooming is. The effort that a person made for appearance shows and more often than not. It makes for a good first impression when you meet a person.

8. Almost Unrecognizable

9. Distinguished

10. Attitude Adjustment