Scientists Studied Ravens – You’ll Never Guess What Their IQ Is

Ravens, very similar to crows and often confused with them, belong to the family Corvidae, which hardly recognize or not at all their intelligence.

Recent research in the United Kingdom shows that although they are much smaller, crows are as intelligent as chimpanzees.

Thanks to Jane Goodall and her research more than 50 years ago, chimpanzees have long been known for their mental abilities and their similarities to humans. In her studies, she was able to show that chimpanzees can learn a language, make tools and express altruism.

A Duke University 2014 study of primates and their intelligence included testing their abilities in strategic planning and concluding that powerful problem-solving skills were due to the large size of the chimp brain.

According to the British Crows Study, this assumption is wrong about the size of brain function because crows have a much smaller brain. Instead, intelligence is more precisely determined by neuronal density and brain structure.

According to a UK study, crows and crows have almost 100% of the same problem-solving abilities, ranging from domestic members to wild members.

For example, crows and crows deposit closed nuts of big threads and shells on vehicles to open them. Clark’s Nutcracker, a crow from North America, collected 3,000 seeds in November and distributed them over 200 miles. Over the next eight months, he was able to recover the locations and recover 90% despite heavy snow and other weather conditions.

Crows and crows have developed different “croaking” to warn each other when humans, animals, other neighbors and themselves move and ditches often have better language skills than parrots.

The use of tools has generally been considered a very smart and progressive indicator, and Corvid family members often make, use and transport tools. Birds use their beaks and claws to make tools to make hooks and combs.

Members of the Corvid family are not recognized enough for their intelligence and strategic ability, making it a secret force to be reckoned with in the animal kingdom.






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